You Need to Do More Testing

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In this episode, Laura and Lisa talk about different forms of automated testing your team should be doing, what they're good for, and how to convince your coworkers that testing makes things go faster. 

APIs Part 2: the Versioning

Not content with telling you how you're probably building your APIs wrong, Laura and Lisa discuss how you're almost certainly breaking versioning, documentation, and support of them in APIs, part 2. 

APIs Part 1

In this episode, Laura and Lisa discuss APIs - what they are, what you should know about them, and all the different ways we get them wrong when implementing them. Lisa uses small words so the PMs can follow along. 

Learning to Code

Micah and Laura talk about how they learned to code and how much harder it was back in the days when you had to write code by carving it into stone tablets with tools made from the bones of a mammoth that you just killed. Also, we give you some advice for where to start and what to learn, if you're so inclined. 

10x Engineers

In this episode, Laura and Micah fight about whether 10x engineers exist, what the term even means, and whether it's useful. We also offer some ideas about why the person you thought was a 10xer might not really be. 

Security and Privacy

From database dumps to spear phishing to users angry about privacy settings, a lot of privacy and security problems can be prevented by understanding the issues ahead of time. In this episode, Laura and Micah talk about the human causes of privacy and security problems and offer a few solutions for your team. 

Post Mortems

The only thing worse than causing a major product failure is causing it a second time in the exact same way. That's why it's critical to run a post mortem after you've had any kind of major failure or outage. 

In this podcast, Micah and Laura discuss what people get wrong about post mortems and give some suggestions about making them better.